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fallout for mitt romney. >> questionable practices by pfizer and other drug giants. how they are accused of tricking patients into buying prescriptions. >> and the potential breakthrough that could signal the end of the violence in syria. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, cutting into the president's lead with women voters: a controversial comment froa senate candidate he endorse, has put the republican nomie >>> now at 6:30, just as mitt romney was cutting into the president's lead with women voters a controversial comment from a senate candidate he endorsed has put the republican nominee in an awkward position. the remark had to do with god's intention for rape victims and with just 13 days to go before the election it has propelled the hot button issue of abortion back to the political forefront. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee is following the fallout. >> reporter: talk about timing, right? you have to remember that this comes at a time when the romney camp is really trying to win over female voters. and for the republicans, this could be double trouble. it could be a problem with governor
and she has us all on a mission. >> go romney/ryan! >> reporter: not everyone was on team obama. across the street romney supporters waved and american flag and held up signs as cars entered the event. >> i really want the democrats who are coming today to see michelle obama to understand that there are republicans in this country who are willing to stand up for mitt romney and paul ryan. >> reporter: before heading back to washington the first lady has two events tomorrow. one in san diego, the other in las vegas. both are also to raise money. in calabasas, kristine lazar, cbs 5. >>> with just 12 days to go before the election, the road to the white house has become a well worn path through the battleground states. president obama and mitt romney have covered nearly 10,000 miles in just the past two days and with the race neck and neck they are going back to the number one issue to seal the deal with undecided voters, the economy. >> this election is, therefore, a big choice. america wants to see big changes. we are going to bring big changes. >> we can't afford to go back to the same
... >> no! >> you definitely have a case of romnesia. >> reporter: not to be outdone, romney ratcheted up his campaigning in nevada. >> well, you know, he as, uhm, he has been reduced to trying to defend characters on sesame street and -- [ laughter ] >> word games of various kinds. >> reporter: and in a race this tight, both need all the face time they can get. it's one of the reasons that in just 14 days the candidates and their supporters will spend $100 million in tv ads especially since the polls are closer than ever. in ohio, the president's lead has shrunk to just 2 points. in florida, romney has the advantage by one and in virginia it's a dead heat. mark has conducted polls for three decades and says because it's so close, the candidates will likely decide their final campaign moves based on polling. >> absolutely. the key in the next few weeks is where can the candidate go where they can make the most difference and get some publicity for their visit? >> reporter: bob says that media will become increasingly important in the swing states because at this point, the tv markets are
the presidential election. mitt romney has canceled his rally scheduled for sunday in virginia beach. his decision coming after a virginia governor declared a stat of emergency. >> i think it's critically important to ask that people at a precautions now. this is unlike certainly any of the storms i have seen in a long time where you have a sustained duration of literally four to five days of rain and wind. >> as for the president, apparently he is going to take his chances. he hasn't rescheduled any events just yet. >>> paul here in the bay area, much drier. but rain could be in our future too. >> rain is coming and it ties into halloween. the forecast isn't completely dry but friday night is dry and it was beautiful weather for the opening of ski season. let's go to boreal mountain resort because they open things up today at squaw valley opened up for one day yesterday, 15- dollar lift tickets and all those diehards out there enjoying it today. we had sunshine and three feet of snow earlier this week and more snow in the sierra in the forecast for the middle of next week. get up, dude. we had a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4